Bath Tea for Extra Relaxation

Bath Tea for Extra Relaxation

Bath teas, a sure way to find a moment of calm while pampering your skin, are easy to make! With just a few common ingredients and some lush ones too, you’ll be soaking in floral bliss in no time.


1 cup whole dried oats
1/2 cup dried lavender buds
1/2 cup dried chamomile
1/2 cup dried rose petals
1/2 cup Epsom salt
1/2 cup coarse Himalayan salt
10 drops Lavender essential oil
10 drops German Chamomile essential oil
5 drops Rose essential oil
Muslin cotton drawstring pouches, approximately 5 inches long by 4 inches wide

How to make bath tea:

In a food processor or blender, grind oats for up to 30 seconds to make a fine powder.
Combine oats, dried flowers, salt, and essential oils in a bowl. Mix well to thoroughly combine.
Scoop mixture into pouches, filling a little more than halfway. This recipe yields 3-5 pouches.
Store in a cool, dry place. These tea bags will hold their freshness for up to three months.

lavender essential oil is an essential ingredient in diy bath tea

How to use bath tea:

Hang the pouch over the spout while your tub fills with hot water.
When the tub is full, take the pouch off and let it float in the tub, continuing to steep in the bath water.
Climb in and soak your worries away!

What is in a DIY bath tea?

As promised, infusing your bath with these ingredients will deliver silky, smooth skin and a much needed relaxing aroma. How?

Oatmeal is a prime ingredient for self-care purposes. Great for dry skin, oatmeal is the skin conditioner you’ve been looking for and even easier to find at local grocery stores.

Dried flowers add a touch of fragrance and flair! They’ll add glamour to your bath and appealing gentle scents, even to the likes of Cleopatra.

Salt is just the ingredient for ultimate relaxation. When added to your bath tea, it’s just the kind of “sit back and relax” we’re eager for!

Essential oils – well, they’re a given! Soothing, luxurious, with tranquil scents-everything you want in a bath, thanks to the Lavender, Rose and German Chamomile trio! Bonus: The scent can transport your senses to a field flush with flowers.

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