10 Ways to Keep your Immune System Strong

10 Ways to Keep your Immune System Strong

Let’s take a moment to chat about the things that keep our immune systems functioning at their best! None of these things are HARD. They just require intention. Remember, knowledge is power! When you know better, you can do better and make more informed choices.

 Avoid sugar

Did you know that eating or drinking sugar curbs your body’s immune response cells that are supposed to attack all the invaders like bacteria and viruses. 

 Avoid processed food

Processed food is often “dead” food. Nourish your body with real, vibrant, living food that will flood your system with real nutrients! 

• Use your oils….like actually USE them

Your oils won’t work sitting on the shelf looking pretty. Open them up. Drop them on your head, on your feet, on your spine, in your palms, in your diffuser. USE them! 

 Wash your hands

If you’ve heard this once loud and clear the last few days, you’ve heard it a million times… Wash your hands, peeps! Use your Thieves Foaming Hand Soap to scrub-a-dub-dub all the ick off your hands, from under your fingernails etc.

 Don’t touch your face

If you haven’t JUST washed your hands, for the love, please do not touch your face! Teach your kids this too! Kids LOVE to put their hands in their mouth, nose, eyes etc. Just gross!

 No fear

Panicking over something that’s not our reality depletes your body of great energy. Focus on reality. Focus on truth. And don’t let FEAR rule in your heart or mind. 

 Knowledge over power

You are going to be equipped with knowledge. Don’t let this be the end of your “getting learning.” The truth is out there. It just isn’t on the front page of Google. You have to search for truth, search for knowledge, run your own research in your home, learn what works, live empowered and just watch the magic happen!


I’m guilty too. Sleep evades me sometimes a bit too much. Your immune system will GREATLY appreciate you getting MORE rest rather than less. Thankfully we have oils for great, quality sleep as well. Use them, friends! 

 Move your body

Exercise is a huge component to our wellness. Moving our body is wonderful for our mental and emotional health as well as physical health. Being consistent at moving your body will help your immune system stay strong! Flush out those free radicals and feel your BEST!

 Flush and hydrate with water

Far too often I see people drinking all sorts of things except water. Now, I know some people don’t love the flavor of water, but that doesn’t excuse them from caring for their body in this way. Our bodies are desperate for water for hydration and for cleansing. Getting the gross out is one of the best ways we can stay healthy and strong no matter what heads our way.

There are so many ways to help your body stay healthy every single day of the year. Choose one and get started - add more as you can. As always, when you know better, you do better.

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