Inspo & Ideas for Makers

  • Making Mending Visible

    Making Mending Visible
    Oh, the joy of kids and how hard they are on clothes. This has been an ongoing issue for us with a son that loves to cut fabric (I guess he's trying to be like mom...) and loves to rough-house.
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  • Making your Own Diffuser Necklace

    Making your Own Diffuser Necklace
    This was such a fun project! As you can see from other posts, I like to use essential oils on a daily basis and in all sorts of ways. My favorite way (so far) has been on a leather bracelet. 
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  • Making Your Own Note Cards

    Making Your Own Note Cards
    How often do you sit down and actually write someone a note? Yeah, I don't do it often either. It's even better if that note is somehow personalized. My favorite way to add that personal touch is to take my own photos
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