October 19, 2020

Embellished Scarf

Embellished Scarf

I saw this fun and easy idea on PurlSoho.com (an excellent resource for crafty wonderfullness) and realized I needed to add tassels to my simple linen scarf. I love the classic look and feel of linen and the tassels created with perle cotton add that fun bit of flair.

I used my fun little Loome to create these tassels but you can also make them with a piece of cardboard. Simply wrap your thread, string, or yarn around the Loome or card several times (I went 30 times.), tie a knot at one end of the cardboard and trim the other end. Tie an extra piece near the top tie to keep the ends from slipping. Then trim the ends to make sure they are all even. Simple!

Don't you just love the wrinkly goodness of the linen? I do!! I rarely iron my linen because the natural fabric is just so lovely. How do you wear your linen?

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