November 04, 2020

Making Mending Visible

Making Mending Visible

Oh, the joy of kids and how hard they are on clothes. This has been an ongoing issue for us with a son that loves to cut fabric (I guess he's trying to be like mom...) and loves to rough-house. I decided that throwing these away was just not an option so I had to come up with a creative way to mend them. Several years ago I came across Sashiko stitching and knew that was my answer. It is an easy and creative way to make these clothes last as long as possible.


This is the latest casualty. At least it was a legitimate tear and not a cut. I pressed the fabric to smooth it out and check the exact amount of cover needed.

For these shorts I am using a small piece of rough silk. It is tightly woven and shouldn't unravel. I cut it a little bigger than the area I needed to cover. It depends on how far out from the tear that you want stitches.

I turned the fabric over and pinned all the way around.

Choosing your color for the stitching is a great way to add in some more color but since this is for a 13 year old boy, I decided to keep it fairly monochromatic.

I stitched all the way around to start since the bottom edge was also torn but it is not necessary. You can go row by row too.

And voila! It is done and looks more interesting too. Ready to try your own?

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