Making Your Own Wellness


Have you ever tried Essential Oils? In our family, we have seen so much success and so many changes for the better using essential oils for sleep, stress, supporting healthy immune systems, household cleaning, cooking and a whole bunch of other things.

Young Living is totally different than any other oil you can buy because of their Seed to Seal Promise ( They are the only company that has 30 years experience and the only one that invites you to walk on any farm they own (no one else owns farms) and see how they distill. The way they distill and the beyond organic farming methods is why their oils are able to be used the way we do - topically on skin and kids and pets, and why they are able to be taken as dietary supplements. 

(For a little more info about how our family got started scroll down for a short video.)

Ready to get started? It's so easy:

Go to

Click “Become a Member” at the top of the page, then scroll down and choose your starter kit.

This is how you get the starter kit and your 24% discount on any additional oil purchases.

There are NO STRINGS ATTACHED to this whatsoever.  No monthly requirement, and you never, ever have to sell a thing. (Although truth be told, people will start asking you about them. Trust me. It just happens.)  As a member, you will get a 24% discount for the rest of the year on any additional oil purchases. Awesome. 

There are so many different Starter Kits to choose from! One for whatever you and your family need.

Here is the kit we started with:


Essential Rewards

Next you will have a chance to get hooked up with Young Living's monthly subscription box and earn up to 25 percent back in product credit and exclusive gifts!

Then answer yes to this: "Do you want to use your Premium Starter Kit (PSK) as your first Essential Rewards (ER) order? There are perks to using your PSK as your first ER order: You’ll automatically meet the order requirements to enroll in Essential Rewards."

ER is the best way to start swapping out stuff you're already buying with healthier options.

Thieves Cleaner, Super C, and White Angelica are such good second order products, or Super B and Ningxia Red! YL literally makes allll the things you’re already buying at the store so Essential Rewards is a total win. 

Then you are ALL SET!!

I will send you a welcome email and gift and I will add you to our learning community. If you need anything at all, don't hesitate to ask!